These LED panels are by far the best means of lighting offered today for a pool table .  Because of the amount of LED'S there is more light placed under the rails compared to florescent type lighting.  There is only one crisp shadow at the base of the balls, also the clarity of the balls and color of the balls with clean crisp edges,  is truly outstanding.


This type of lighting is new to the pool world, but has already been used in tournaments.   There has been a great response to the Tournament lighting by the players of the Mid West Nine Ball Tournament. This type of lighting is being considered for the BCA Tournament which is held at the Riviera Hotel Casino in Las Vegas each year.   These panels can be custom made to fit most existing fixtures or can be ordered with a frame.   The below units include a contemporary one inch black aluminum frame.


Pricing :   We stock both standard bar and regulation size table lights.

Bar Table lights are  60" X  20" with several different  stains to choose from, 

for only  $800.00  

Regulation Table LED lights are 36" X 72" with several different stains to choose from, 

for only $1195.00 

The best part of LED lighting is, not only the great lighting and colors but also the life expectancy of the LED's (100,000 +  hours), as well as the energy cost factor which is pennies to operate.   

OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU!  There is such a big difference between standard lighting and LED lighting that we guarantee you will be glad that you decided on it.  Once you see it,  we know you will be recommending us to all of your family and friends.


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